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Pipe inspection camera system „BRIcamL“

Product number: 3741

Inspection system for pipe,channel and house connections

Weight: 16.52 kg

Video inspection system for visual inspection of pipes, hollow bodies and spaces as well as finding blockages or damage!

Pipe inspection camera system BRIcamL with a swivelling camera head, only 28 mm diameter and 40 m fiberglass cable, intelligent compact design combined with simple operation and easy transportation, thanks to the aluminium frame.

This waterproof system is complete with transmitter module can be used between and can be detected, tracked and located by locating devices, operating at 512 Hz. The camera head of the BRIcamL can be rotated 360° and swiveled by 210° and enables an exact Driving through connections and checking pipe branches.
The display unit is surrounded by a robust, waterproof and airtight plastic case and can be used in cramped working conditions or for better transport of the sperated push cable unit.
On the 10" TFT monitor with a Resolution of 800 x 600
pixels the smallest Defects will be recocnized and the
number of meters inserted are shown. The BRIcamL is
equipped with a multifunctional Control panel with
QWERTY keyboard for entering text, as also an integrated microphone for voice recording during video recording on SD card or USB stick. This intelligent system even has a device for cleaning the fibre cable after use by pushing it back, which removes adhering water and impurities. These are collected in
the waterproof body, which can then be emptied outdoors.
By unscrewing the transmitter unit and inserting an optional adapter, bends from DN50 upwards are possible. This system can also be operated with a 10 or 20 meter long hand reel with a Ø 12 mm camera head.

• 360°/210° rotating/swivelling camera head Ø 28 mm
• Camera cable: Ø 7mm/40 metres long
• Steel coil, Meter counter
• 6-pin camera connection
• Cleaning brush
• 512 Hz sender
• IP68 Multifunctional control device in the IP66 case, 10” TFT
monitor with USB/SD recording
• Text and voice input using the QWERTZ keyboard
• Control buttons for swivelling camera head
• Operated with 6600 mAh Li-Ion battery or current
• Mains adapter, Guide ball and star for camera head
• Video cable 1 metres 6-pin, Remote operation