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Every day, our BRINKO team is newly motivated to meet our own and our customers’ quality demands.

We can’t do everything ourselves, but we know nearly everything about what tradespeople and technicians look for at our sales points in specialist retailers. We see ourselves as a full-range supplier when it comes to hand tools for day-to-day jobs. We’re always on the look-out for interesting innovations and above all problem-solvers that make our customers’ work easier. Over recent years, installation technology has changed vastly. Just 20 years ago, almost everything in pipework construction was welded or soldered.

As a result of new DIN standards, raw materials and hygiene regulations as well as new laws, most pipeworks are now press-fitted.

There is also an extensive BRINKO range of tools for this method.

We believe our tools should be presented in attractive, clean and light-coloured displays. That’s why we provide our customers with distinctive BRINKO sales areas designed according to customer frequency at their collection points. With everything from open, shelf-type designs to lockable glass showcases, we supply the optimal solution for you.

It’s also important to us that we follow up on our quality promise right through to installation on your premises. Our BRINKO service team is available on site to set up your new sales area or help you relocate it.

This means we support customers by taking care of our cabinets and sales walls at the POS.

BRINKO Sales areas