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Handwheel socket „BRIwheelNut“

Product number: 129-50

A special tool with bars that engage in the opening of almost all handwheels and that can be driven with a ½“ ratchet!

Now even the most stubborn barriers are solved with ease!

A problem that every craftsman in the plumbing and heating industry knows!

In the field of domestic water or heating supply, a component must be replaced. In order to facilitate this, shut-off devices such as valves or slide valves were installed in front of replaceable components during construction.
Now such a component as a water meter or a pump has to be replaced.
The valves or gates in front of and behind these components have not been moved for a long time and are therefore so tight that the force of the hand is not sufficient to move the valve or gate, let alone shut off the pipe tightly.
In order to achieve this, pliers, levers and obscure constructions are used. In most cases, this approach leads to the breakage of the cast iron handwheel, to bending or even to the tearing off of the spindle, since the rotational force is applied laterally.
The company BRINKO has addressed this nuisance and developed the handwheel socket „BRIwheelNut“.
The special tool, which is protected with a design pattern, consists of a basic body with protruding webs that engage in the openings of almost all handwheels and that can be driven with a ½“ ratchet.
Due to the force applied centrally from above and the distribution of the pressure points over several surfaces, a non-destructive actuation of valves and slides is made possible.
The time saved and the avoided hassle of removing a destroyed valve with complete shut-off of the water supply or running a heating system empty with subsequent venting of all radiators makes the "BRIwheelNut" an indispensable and cost-saving helper.