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Soldering device set

Product number: 3850
Weight: 11.4 kg
Propane/oxygen unit set
for hard and soft soldering
capacity up to 2850°C
consisting of:

propane bottle 425g (Art. no. 4443)
oxygen bottle 2l
propane oxygen hose, length 3 m
carrying frame
handle (Art. no. 3902)
welding insert, 2-4 mm (Art. no. 3923)
oxygen pressure regulator valve (Art. no. 4080)
propane medium pressure regulator (Art. no. 4447-10)

only available with welding inserts Ø 20 mm

other suitable welding inserts for propane/oxygen:
4-6 mm (Art. no. 3924), 6-9 mm (Art. no. 3925)
flexible, 2-4 mm (Art. no. 3937), flexible, 4-6 mm (Art. no. 3938)

to refill:
oxygen bottle, battery connecting bend (Art. no. 4088)
propane bottle, filler pipe (Art. no. 4446)