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Press Jaws PB2 type M

Product number: 625-33
• High quality press jaws for pressing units in category 2:
  EFP/AFP201 | 202
  ECO/ACO201 | 202 | 203
  ACO202XL | 203XL
  EFP1 | 2
  HFP1 | 2

• for pressing contours type M 12 - 54 mm
• apart from that, PS2 press collars are used (Art. no. 625-43)
  press collars are legally required for gas pipes with a diameter of more than Ø 40 mm

• recommended by many system providers

• Customer-oriented warranty:
  On annual maintenance novopress offers in addition to the statutory warranty
  of 24 months a connection guarantee of three years for all new press jaws.