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Труборез для труб из нержавеющей стали

артикульный номер: 633-71/35
Вес: 0.595 кг
Special pipe cutter for INOX, C-steel and Cu pipes
• pipes with Ø 3 35 mm or 1", up to 3 mm wall thickness

• magnesium die casting
• especially light 1/3 lighter than aluminum | almost 1/2 lighter than zinc diecast | 200 g lighter than 633-70/35 yet as strong as zinc die-cast
• best strength/weight ratio of any metal
• magnesium as raw material sufficiently available
• easily 100 % recyclable
• modern material, increasingly also used in automotive engineering
• powdercoated (not smoothly painted), thus better feel/grip for dirty (oily, greasy)/sweaty hands

Guide rollers
• needle bearing | 2 needle bearings per roller stainless steel rollers
• no more recess for cutting close to the flange, thus optimal guiding of the Inox tube

Fast running spindle
• extra strong
• zinc die casting
• high dimensional accuracy
• high surface quality (low roughness)
• easy to machine: high accuracy

Integrated rotary deburrer
• Noga deburrer (one of the best blade manufacturers in the world)
• removable, easier deburring without moving the whole RAS

Spare cutting wheel
• Art. No. 633-75A
• size: 19 x 5 mm
• additional spare wheel in the handle !!!
• change without additional tool

• zinc die casting
• easy to bring the wheel to the tube due to the heavier zinc diecast swing handle