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T.C.T. hole saw set | Electro

Product number: 1389-9
Weight: 1.88 kg
Supplied in a strong plastic case, 5 pieces:

2 T.C.T. hole saws Ø 60, 75 mm
1 T.C.T. hole saw with edge countersink Ø 68 mm
1 HSS centring drill bit (Art. no. 1389-2/2)
1 T.C.T. centring drill bit (Art. no. 1389-3/2)

tungsten carbide tipped with a cutting point, cutting depth 50 mm
all hole saws have an integrated adaptor and a click system for a quick change

sawing at extreme angles possible
simple to remove the saw kernel
easy to increase the size of a bore

for MDF, plywood, chipboard, all wood work materials, soft stone, chalk and sandstone,
gypsum and cellular concrete, Trespa, plastics and wall tiles (up to scratch hardness 6)